FASTEST Spin Original DynaMop® [ 3x Faster Highest Efficiency ] Guaranteed Ever Lasting Spinner & Gears!

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ALL NEW DynaMop®Ultimate Stepper Model
Award Winning, world's only ever-lasting spinner!

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NEW VERSION Hand-Pressing DynaMop® Plunger square gold color bucket 2-Heads
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NEW Hand Press DynaMop®Pluger Pedal-Free
GOLD MEDALIST High Performance Spinner
2 Fluffy Mopheads included

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DynaMop®SPIKY Hair Pickup Microfiber Mophead
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DynaMop®-EXTRA Dual Function Spin Mop - Lavender

DynaMop®EXTRA Dual Function Set (Lavender)
EXTRA FREE Fluffy Mophead. (Total 2 mopheads)

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DynaMop®-EXTRA Dual Function Spin Mop - Lavender DynaMop-EXTRA-Lavender-2hd
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ORIGINAL DynaMop� Centrifugal Spin Dry System at work (Video from previous models)

  • Why choose DynaMop® over the second brands??

  • * DynaMop® is MADE TO LAST so you don't have to keep buying another.

    * Buy smart, think CP Ratio: Most durable spin mop made: Ever-lasting spinner.

    * Highest Efficiency: Greatest Leverage, 3 times spin speed (3000rpm vs. 1000rpm or below).

    * Gold Medalist winner: Innovative ergonomic designs by original spin mop inventor.

    * World's ONLY spin mop to use no ball bearings, lab tested to last 250,000 vs. 20,000 pushes).

    * Easist & Quickest wringing: Saving you more valuable time and energy.

    * Love our earth minimize wastes: Top quality DynaMop® is made with care, passion & pride.

    * Easiest to use & last for years: Best $20 more initial investment keeps cheaply made ones out.

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    $15 value FREE DynaMop®"SPIKY" head (Adding to original package)

    NEWEST Innovative DynaMop®"SPIKY" microfiber mophead is the
    World's ONLY microfiber spin mophead to EFFECTIVELY pick up Hair & Grime!
    U.S. patent pending

    See the SPIKY

    Here are some pointers to help you rediscover your passion:

    * Forget the sappy or soppy: DynaMop®'s innovative Dyna-Spin® mechanism eliminates soppy mops. The hassles of wringing are non-existent with an all-in-one step bucket that activates centrifugal spin in the embedded basket.
    * Make the difficult effortless:
    DynaMop®'s disk-shaped head, ergonomic handle, adjustable arm, and swivel base make it comfortable to handle and easy to clean difficult-to-reach areas. It really is quite a versatile cleaning buddy.
    * Be Exclusive: DynaMop®'s durable construction is one-of-a-kind and will outlast your traditional mops as well as ANY spin mops on the market. Its cleaning discs are machine washable and easily replaceable, making the system a real keeper. Time to retire all the others, for good.
    * No need to travel far and wide for love: This cleaning sensation is now making its home right here. Thanks to the DynaMop®, you may be reunited with your love for cleaning!

    For more information about DynaMop

    Many FIRST's, HONORS & PATENTS of DynaMop ®

    * First & Best in USA (Since May 2009) to apply
    the centrifugal force concept to spin dry mopheads.
    * First to devise splash-proof guard in the bucket. (Nov. 2010)
    * First ergonomically designed Pedal (Jan. 2012)
    * Award Winning Lifetime spinning mechanism to be free from ball bearings. (May 2012)
    * Gold Medalist in 2013 Paris International Invention Show [Concours Lepine] for the development of Clutch design
    used in the hand pressing model spin mop, uniquely DynaMop®'s patented technology.
    * The only spin mop built to commercial grade durability
    * First extra long & sturdy handle 57 inches (55" in Hand Pressing Type) pole with available extension.
    * Unique Fluffy type microfiber mophead having greatest ability to release dust/dirt from the strands.
    * Uniquely "dual-track" secure lock mophead holding device

    ** U.S. Patent Nos.: US 8,065,777 B2, US 8,739,347 B2, US 8,657,719 B2 ; ALL RIGHTS PRESERVED.
    ** We have retained the service of Tyne & Tyne, Attorney At Law as our legal consultant.
    Infringements will be prosecuted!