DynaMop® took #1 position in Spin Mop R&D from the beginning and continue to develop new and breakthrough technologies that are applied to the DynaMop® products.


DynaMop® has just been honored again by the 2013 Paris International Invention Show: "Concours Lepine" 2013 Foire de Paris April 31 - May 12, 2013. See the diploma and picture of the GOLD MEDAL on the right:

Fluffy type Microfiber Mophead fits all DynaMop® Models.
Our uniquely designed fluffy type microfiber mop-head has great ability to pick up dust, dirt and grime as well as releasing them from the strands in the spin drying process. The ability to release dirt is the key to the longevity of mop-heads.

Special note about the FLUFFY mop-head:
Due to the way this mop-head is woven and machine cut, there may be some loose lint at the tips of each strand. So in the first use (only the first time as it is pulled out from the package), there may be lint left on the floor if not pre-washed.
We recommend rinsing and spin drying a few times and change fresh water before it is put to the floor for the very first time.

* Machine washable in low temperature. Do not use dryer.
* Safe to use detergents, polish, bleach, etc.

Connecting the aluminum rods by pushing all the way into the connector provided, give it a twist for extra secured tightness and tighten (by turning the silver colored plastic socket sleeves clockwise).

It's our intention to bring to the market a household spin mop that is applicable for commercial applications, thus the birth of the Pro-version DynaMop2500+Ergonomics model. We placed much emphasis on building the new unit to be sturdiest and most durable; we were successful in reaching this goal with the DynaMop2500+Ergonomics as it would be evident to our customers.
We made the sturdiest pole with 40% increased thickness and fatness. * There is a playroom (a gap of about 1/16" wide) purposely designed in order to allow further tightening after use (it is natural for any plastic to give in a little after use). After the mop is used for a few weeks, the gap or playroom between the two sleeves may be further twist-tightened together and eventually they will meet without any gaps in presence. This gap is left to allow for further tightening after use, since the DynaMop-Pro model is made with intention to last you a long time. Please feel free to congratulate yourself for making the wise buying decision with DynaMop and please do pay attention to compare with others when a chance present. When you are satisfied about being a proud owner of DynaMop please be generous enough to share this information among your friends and relatives.

DynaMop® is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce. DynaMop Company of America owns the exculsive right to the marketing and distribution of DynaMop®. The one and only innovative 360 degrees Spin Dry Mopping System is making its debut right here. Until such time decision is made for TV appearance, this site will remain home of the fabulous DynaMop®!


Hi there-- I just wanted to say before too much more time passed that I tried the new dynamop soon as I received it--and it is all I had hoped for and more! I really appreciate that it's well built--not tacky--and performs amazingly well. I am very impressed how the dirt spins off of it and you basically have a clean mop head at the end of the job AND the floors are cleaner than with any other I have used! Thank-you for including extra mopheads in your price--this is a plus! I will definitely tell others! Thanks againˇX
Maureen Lange Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

We are still using the Dynamop we bought two years ago. It's absolutely wonderful and it has saved us two to three hours of labor every week cleaning all our porcelain and wood floors. We love it! And we have never, ever had a single problem with it. It was the best cleaning investment we have ever made.
Thank you, Stan and Linda Marciniak Homer Glen IL 60491

Overall mop is as advertised, easy to use and fun to use. Made cleaning a breeze and effortless with light weight construction but, very durable.
Awesome deal with extra two mop heads and 10% off next order thanks Dynamop =)
Best Mop ever! Fernando Hinojo Manhattan NY 10040

Dear Dynamop:
I wanted to send this short Thank You and tell you personally how happy we were with our Dynamop.
As you know we have had our Dynamop for a year now and couldn't be happier with it. We have a larger home (2700 square feet) and most of the floors are wood or wood laminate so we do a lot of mopping.The Dynamop is so easy to use and so very easy to wring out with the spinning action that I do not dread the task. It gets into the corners nicely and with the round mop head, it works great for going under low furniture and tables as well as the corners. When we ordered our mop we received two (2) extra mop heads but since the heads are so very easy to take off and put in the cloths washer we are still using the one that came with the mop. I also feel the need to thank you for the fast response you gave when I had a small problem with the mop, your e-mail back to me was within a few hours (on a weekend) and the part was shipped and at my door in under a week. I had the part changed in 10 min and was again able to use the mop for weekend cleaning uninterrupted. Thanks much for your wonderful product.
Ronald and Kathy Pehlke Waupaca, Wi

I appreciate your response more than you know! How professional and unusual! My sister cleans homes for a living and if it's not too late to add another DynaMop to my order I will. I love the idea of the extension rod having a larger diameter but I think I'll pass on the rod and order the second set. Thank you so much for the reply!
I received my DynaMop and have had several months to get used to it. To me, the handle is much stronger than the "other brand". I use it almost daily and it has had a good workout. I am very satisfied with this mop. Because it's so easy to use, I find myself mopping more than I ever have. The heavier grade handle is perfect for frequent use and the longer handle is wonderful for someone who is taller. Thank you for your concern and for such an impressive product.
If you will recall, I gave one to my sister who cleans houses for a living. She agrees that this is a superior mop to the others she's tried. Great product, keep up the good work!

Donna Bohlander Pekin IL 61554

I am looking forward to receiving my new "toy!" I will definitely let you know how it works for me!! Much success to you - you have been great and "honest" throughout our transactions!!
God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

I sound like a broken record, but I love my new DynaMop!! I have passed my old one down to a neighbor, who at first questioned the capabilities and performance of the system. She now says she would rather "die" than give up HER mop!!
I wish you the best success possible.
Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year.
Pat M. Jensen Beach FL 34957
Ha ha, I thought about that, but I realized that your product makes me happy about cleaning my home so I couldn't put it any other words. You are certainly welcome to use my name and city.
I am in San Leandro, CA. Dan Parker Jr.
Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a wonderful testimonial for DynaMop. It sounded almost like an advertisement from DynaMop.
May I post your name and city with the testimonial?
Best Regards, Victor

Hi Victor. Here is my testimonial. Hope it's not too long. I needed to make a point.
I recently purchased the DynaMop based on an advertisement for spin mops on the home shopping channel. I never thought I would ever see a mop worth buying. The concept seemed good although the comments on the home shopping channel showed poor build quality and it shipped with only one mop head for $39.00 plus shipping and tax. I searched on Google and found the DynaMop, which is the original Spin Mop. The build quality advertises to be extremely durable and superior to other spin mops. I can safely say the Dynamop lives up to the hype. I absolutely hate cleaning, especially mopping but Iˇ¦ve never had so much fun using a mop. Every mop I have purchased in the past has rotted very quickly and the wringing mechanisms have never worked, leaving my floors wet. The Dynamop wrings the mop so dry, combined with the microfiber mop head, that my floors are virtually dry enough to walk on in less than 5 minutes. I paid the same price for the Dynamop with 3 mop heads, as I wouldˇ¦ve for a lesser quality clone from the home shopping channel with only one mop head. Donˇ¦t buy anything else; just buy the Dynamop, you wonˇ¦t be sorry. It works great on tile and walls as well. This is from a single guy who hates cleaning his bathroom, now loves it thanks to Dynamop, you just need the right tools.
Dan Parker, Jr.
San Leandro, CA 94578

For questions or comments
Email Address: Service@DynaMop.Net


Shipping Information:

We process your order in an expediously (Please allow 1 to 2 business days for shipment to leave our door): Standard shipment will be effected by either UPS Ground Service or Fed-Ex Ground Service. Depending on your location, it may take 2 to 8 business days to arrive.

Our Refund Policy
Try the DynaMop®for 30 days without any obligations. Within 10 days of arrival, if you are not completely happy with it, just send the full set back to us in it's original package to receive your full refund. Or you may email to inform us of your wish to return and we will arrange to have a return tag sent to you for return and refund*.

Exception Notice: *Refunds are subject to deduction of actual UPS Shipping cost charged for the original purchase.

Because the 3 Mop-heads enclosed within the DynaMop® set package shipped to you are merchandise being sold independently, in returning we ask that you send all 3 mopheads back to us. It is understood that one of them would have been used and soiled and that is okay. On the other hand, should there be a shortage of mopheads returned, we are compelled to impose a charge of $15 for the each missing mophead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is DynaMop different from all the others?

A: DynaMop® is sold as a self contained set which is composed of innovative Spinner Bucket, metal 2-section 52" long sturdy alumin pole and 3 expressly made mopheads. The Dyna-SpinTM spin dry system enables you to dry the mophead evenly at any degree of dampness at ease. All it takes is a few pedalling steps to get the mophead ready for your job.

Q: What is the difference between DynaMop2500 model and Ultimate model?

A: The primary difference between the DynaMop�2500 and DynaMop®Ultimate models is that the Ultimate model comes with a new spinning mechanism that is NOT driven by the one-way ball bearing (that every other spin mop in the world uses). Consequently, the spinner will never get rusted (plus all metal related parts are of stainless steel). We were able to offer a limited "Lifetime Warranty" against the spinner to last for as long as the bucket will last. The production cost of the Ultimate model is considerably higher due to the material used.

All functions are basically the same. If you are careful to avoid flushing or splashing water into the one-way ball bearing (hidden inside/behind the pedal), the ball bearing has a life expectancy of over 20,000 pedaling. This translates to years of normal household usage for the DynaMop�2500 model. The DynaMop®Ultimate model is expected to last longer anyway, due to its nylon long-wearing spinning mechanism along with all non-rusting parts.

Q: Is the circular mophead with plastic rim machine washable?

A: Yes, the mopheads are machine washable. Washing machines will not cause damage to the plastic rims of the mophead.

Q: How do I care for the unit, how frequently do I have to grease the moving parts?

A: No greasing is necessary to the moving parts. However, applying some silicon lubricate to the gears and moving parts do help improve performance. DynaMop® is the only spin mop in the world to use NO ball bearing for the spinning mechanism and therefore it is "water safe", the whole unit is submersible. A friendly advice to users of other brand spin mops, never to immerse in water or it will cause ball bearing to be rusted and out of function. No worry for DynaMop® users, the spinning mechanism will never get rusted with DynaMop®!

Q: I have the DynaMop® hand pressing "self-powered" handle. There are two protrusions that keeps my handle from standing straight, I don't want to force it too much in fear of breaking it.

A: Please do "force it", nothing is going to break. It is "extra tight" by design for the two protrusions are their to hold the black piece in place so that the spinner can carry the mophead holder disc to spin in high speed.

Please look at this video clip so you will see what I mean. [VIDEO] Tips on how to assemble the "self-powered" handle

Also, there's another video you can take a look if you can spare a few more minutes of your time:
[VIDEO] Best Way to Connect Aluminum Mophead Holder & How to Repair if broken

Many FIRST's, HONORS & PATENTS of DynaMop ®

* First & Best in USA (Since May 2009) to apply
the centrifugal force concept to spin dry mopheads.
* First to devise splash-proof guard in the bucket. (Nov. 2010)
* First ergonomically designed Pedal (Jan. 2012)
* Award Winning Lifetime spinning mechanism to be free from ball bearings. (May 2012)
* Gold Medalist in 2013 Paris International Invention Show [Concours Lepine] for the development of Clutch design
used in the hand pressing model spin mop, uniquely DynaMop®'s patented technology.
* The only spin mop built to commercial grade durability
* First extra long & sturdy handle 57 inches (55" in Hand Pressing Type) pole with available extension.
* Unique Fluffy type microfiber mophead having greatest ability to release dust/dirt from the strands.
* Uniquely "dual-track" secure lock mophead holding device

** U.S. Patent Nos.: US 8,065,777 B2, US 8,739,347 B2, US 8,657,719 B2, US9,730,569 ; ALL RIGHTS PRESERVED.
** We have retained the service of Tyne & Tyne, Attorney At Law as our legal consultant.
Infringements will be prosecuted!