DynaMop® took #1 position in Spin Mop R&D from the beginning and continue to develop new and breakthrough technologies that are applied to the DynaMop® products.

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SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE NEW DynaMop®Ultimate Model: Unique, Patented Planetary Gear Construction: Fastest Spin (doubled spinning speed of 2000+rpm) and The ONLY Spin Mop on EARTH with a NON-STRIPPING NON-RUSTING GEARS GUARANTEE! Our NEW DynaMop®Extra model is dual function foot-pedaling and Hand Plunging with up to 3500rpm spin speed.

Even though servicing is easy, there is no customer servicing parts intended. Removal of the 4 screws at the bottom of bucket automatically voids the warranty. Please, never remove the screws without first contacting us by email messaging.

Dyna-Mop® Company of America


U.S. Patent No. US 8,065,777 B2, US 8,739,347 B@, US 8,657,719 B2

Product Warranty:

FIRST we guarantee DynaMop® well beats ANY & EVERY spin mop brands in performance and in durability, whether it's "national brands" or "as seen on TV" that's sold in chain stores or TV channels!

Full year warranty come standard with your DynaMop® set. However, it should be noted that the DynaMop®Ultimate and DynaMop®Extra Models are built to last, the spinning mechanism is lifetime warranted against the life of the bucket (spring not included). Lab test indicate over 10 times life expectancy compared to the one-way ball bearing used by all other manufacturers (including our own previous version. we built it with the intention for the unit to easily last 3-5 years of more! IT IS BY FAR THE BEST ON THE MARKET. THE STURDIEST, FASTEST SPIN WITH DOUBLED SPEED OF 2500+rpm (3500rpm plunging action), MOST DURABLE SPIN MOP ON EARTH! Promised to last several times longer under the same usage conditions.

Even though the product is designed for household use, after being on the market for over 5 years we feel comfortable about moderate commercial applications. Many satisfied customers with cleaning business use DynaMop® products over the years. We took care to enhance all moving parts to ensure longevity. All our current versions have advanced to DynaMop's patented new technology spinning mechanism that will last to the lifetime of the bucket itself. The DynaMop® is the ONLY spin mop in the world to have the entire unit submersible. Due to the nature of plastic objects, plastic bucket should not be left under direct sunlight in a prolonged period of time. Avoid harsh weather conditions like direct sun exposure or frigid cold outdoors. Dyna*Mop® has gone through strict quality control process and was lab tested to 250 thousand pedaling steps with "no damage found" at the completion of test!

Our Uniqueness Guarantee

DynaMop® is a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce. DynaMop Company of America owns the exclusive right to the marketing and distribution of DynaMop®. The PATENTED Dyna*Spin's spinning mechanism is Direct Drive Planetary Gear Construction that is matchless by any variances. Dyna*Spin enables easy light pedaling to deliver over 2000 RPM hurricane like centrifugal spin force that dries the mop-head thoroughly and evenly. The Patented Planetary Style Gears give Dyna*Spin superior drying performance although all 360 spin dry gears work on the same "leverage" principle. As the original developer of the innovative 360 degrees Spin Dry Mopping System, we are making our debut right here. Until such time decision is made for TV appearance, this site will remain home of the fabulous DynaMop®!
Without elaborate, expensive advertising campaigns, we remain our "down to earth" pricing policy to offer best grade quality at LOWER than usual prices. In up-keeping our quality standard, we chose to maintain our original manufacturing base and so the Dyna*Mop® continued to be 100% made in Taiwan with pride!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Congratulations on your purchase of DynaMop® the all-new concept of mopping. You have just made a wise buying decision that from now on you would be pleased with the decision made each time you have a mopping job to do. It's guaranteed to cut your work to half, saving much time and efforts. Mopping can actually be pleasurable with Dyna*Mop!
We are sure that you will quickly agree that this is the best mop on the market. Once you have the DynaMop®experience you will never want anything else.
We highly recommend that as soon as your package arrives to spend 5 minutes to read the instruction sheet and give it a try. See how the DynaMop®'s spin dry system takes away the struggles of wringing. You'll be surprised how easy and effortless it is to do the cleaning job. Spin dry to any degree of dampness, depending on your own needs. DynaMop® can out-perform your expectations! If for any reason that you don't agree that it is the best mop anywhere or if you are not totally satisfied, we will be happy to refund your money immediately.

Our Refund Policy

Try the DynaMop®for 60 days without any obligations. Within 90 days of arrival, if you are not completely happy with it, just send the full set back to us in it's original package to receive your full refund. Simply email to inform us about your return along with tracking information and we will immediately process a full retund* to you. Unless it is a manufacturer's defect and returned within 30 days of arrival, we ask the buyer to share the shipping responsibility by paying for return shipping by track-able means such as UPS or certified post. (There will be NO restocking charges made.)
Exception Notice:
*Subject to deduction of actual freight cost.

In the event of orders with extra mop-heads, the extra mop-head(s) enclosed within the DynaMop® set package shipped to you are merchandise being sold independently, in returning we ask that you send all mop-heads back to us. It is understood that one of them would have been used and soiled and that is okay. On the other hand, should there be a shortage of mopheads returned, we are compelled to impose a charge of $15 for the each missing mop-head. Please be understanding that we must strictly adhere to this policy as we offer an extended 60-day long trail period.

Our Commitment To Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect, how it is used, how it is safeguarded, and how to contact us if you have any concerns.

As part of the order process, the following information is collected from shoppers:

Shipping/Billing Address
Email address
Phone number
Credit/Debit Card Information

How That Information Is Used:

All information collected is kept strictly within our own organization without ever sharing with any outside entities.

The billing and shipping information on our file is used for the express purpose. We may use the information collected to contact you should there be a situation or issue with the order.

We are committed to protect the Security of Your Data.

Many FIRST's, HONORS & PATENTS of DynaMop ®

* First & Best in USA (Since May 2009) to apply
the centrifugal force concept to spin dry mopheads.
* First to devise splash-proof guard in the bucket. (Nov. 2010)
* First ergonomically designed Pedal (Jan. 2012)
* Award Winning Lifetime spinning mechanism to be free from ball bearings. (May 2012)
* Gold Medalist in 2013 Paris International Invention Show [Concours Lepine] for the development of Clutch design
used in the hand pressing model spin mop, uniquely DynaMop®'s patented technology.
* The only spin mop built to commercial grade durability
* First extra long & sturdy handle 57 inches (55" in Hand Pressing Type) pole with available extension.
* Unique Fluffy type microfiber mophead having greatest ability to release dust/dirt from the strands.
* Uniquely "dual-track" secure lock mophead holding device

** U.S. Patent Nos.: US 8,065,777 B2, US 8,739,347 B2, US 8,657,719 B2, US9,730,569 ; ALL RIGHTS PRESERVED.
** We have retained the service of Tyne & Tyne, Attorney At Law as our legal consultant.
Infringements will be prosecuted!