DynaMop® took #1 position in Spin Mop R&D from the beginning and continue to develop new and breakthrough technologies that are applied to the DynaMop® products.

NEW DynaMop®-Ultimate Stepper Model Premium CAREFREE Spin Mop

Special Promo $49.95/set DynaMop®-Stepper Set
Special Promo $49.95/set DynaMop®-Stepper Set
Item# top-rated-foot-pedal-spin-mop-Gold-1h
Reg. Price $69.98
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Product Description

SPECIAL [SPIKY] Introductory Trial Offer:

$15 Value for $6.99 with purchase of bucket set: [SPIKY] the world's ONLY microfiber mop-head to effectively pick up human and animal hair while doing a better cleaning job.

New arrival:

LIFE-TIME SPINNER Non-Bearing spinning mechanism: 10 Times Longer Life DynaSpin™ transmission system.

The NEW VERSION DynaMop®-Ultimate ECO Stepper is the update of our popular 2013 DynaMop®Ultimate. With larger capacity, this is built to be the world's most durable and Eco-friendly spin mop.
The spinning device is guaranteed to last to the life of the bucket. No other spin mop brand can come anywhere near this patented device in terms of performance, reliability and durability. Consistently receive great customer spin mop reviews.

The renowned [Concours Lepine-Paris Invention Show] award winning transmission system used in this new model is FREE FROM the dependency of the "one-way ball bearing" that to-date in 2017 all other spin mops still rely upon (as did our own pre-2012 versions) making this ULTIMATE model the only spin mop in the world to have a never rusting and longest lasting spinning mechanism.

Buy in Two/Four sets together and save more. Great gift to those you love and care.

The Sturdiest and Longest 57" handle comes STANDARD with DynaMop®Ultimate ECO Stepper model! (US Patent No. US8,657,719 B2)

Many FIRST's, HONORS & PATENTS of DynaMop ®

* First & Best in USA (Since May 2009) to apply
the centrifugal force concept to spin dry mopheads.
* First to devise splash-proof guard in the bucket. (Nov. 2010)
* First ergonomically designed Pedal (Jan. 2012)
* Award Winning Lifetime spinning mechanism to be free from ball bearings. (May 2012)
* Gold Medalist in 2013 Paris International Invention Show [Concours Lepine] for the development of Clutch design
used in the hand pressing model spin mop, uniquely DynaMop®'s patented technology.
* The only spin mop built to commercial grade durability
* First extra long & sturdy handle 57 inches (55" in Hand Pressing Type) pole with available extension.
* Unique Fluffy type microfiber mophead having greatest ability to release dust/dirt from the strands.
* Uniquely "dual-track" secure lock mophead holding device

** U.S. Patent Nos.: US 8,065,777 B2, US 8,739,347 B2, US 8,657,719 B2, US9,730,569 ; ALL RIGHTS PRESERVED.
** We have retained the service of Tyne & Tyne, Attorney At Law as our legal consultant.
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